After a life changing event we can become dis-engaged from our life as we always knew it.  This may occur after an injury, a death of a loved one, a traumatic accident or a slow disease process. We may find ourselves changing our patterns in our daily routine or not having a routine at all because it takes too much effort. These new “non -routines” can take havoc on us physically leading to lethargy, decreased physical strength and endurance and even changes in our breathing patterns. Physical pain can be the next visitor to our body along with feeling blue, unmotivated and grouchy!

This is not a very joyful picture and it can emerge like a thunderstorm out of nowhere. But what if you are elderly and live alone? What if you have family in your town but they are all too busy to be around when you would like them to? You know they love and support you but you just can’t ask them for that kind of help?

Take a step. A small first step. It may be making a call to an old friend, volunteering to help others, or perhaps making phone calls to cheer someone else up. Remember, even if you don’t feel like it, there is always someone else worse off than you!

Physical movement, meditation and proper breathing are sometimes the best medicine! Engaging in things that you used to enjoy, just one step at a time, may be the answer for you. You may find you don’t enjoy what you used to after going through a life changing event and you may need assistance to find out what that may be.

If one of your obstacles is a physical complaint that perhaps is paired with other ailments, you may benefit from a visit from Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC.  Our licensed Physical Therapist will provide what is needed to evaluate your functional mobility, range of motion, strength, endurance, balance and safety in your home and then put into action a plan that you and/or you and a family member partnered to design together with our expertise. If ongoing sessions are what you need to reach your desired outcome, our team of Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant will do that with you.

Along with assisting you to find the joy in movement again, we will help you to “Engage in Life”!



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