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How Physical Therapy can Help Recovery after a Stroke

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Our topic today is how can Physical Therapy help after a stroke:  Here’s how!

Stroke survivors can benefit enormously from therapy, though some disabilities may be permanent.

Brain injury due to stroke can change the way you move, feel, think, or speak. The effects are greatest right after the stroke.

Over time, most people will make improvements.

Stroke rehabilitation programs can help, though stroke rehabilitation will not “cure” or reverse brain damage.

The goals of stroke rehabilitation are to help stroke survivors live as independently as possible while adjusting to new limitations.

Rehabilitation usually starts in the hospital, within a day or two of the stroke. Stroke rehabilitation may continue for months or even years after leaving the hospital.

The types of therapy will depend on what parts of the brain were damaged during the stroke.

Stroke survivors may require:

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy and strength training
  • Occupational therapy (re-learning skills required for daily living)
  • Psychological counseling

Physical Therapy After Stroke

Stroke can cause problems with movement. Paralysis, or loss of muscle function, is common after stroke — especially on one side of the body.

Physical therapy can help stroke survivors regain strength, coordination, balance, and control of movement.

As you see in this YouTube video, the Physical Therapist is assisting the patient regain strength on his right side by following her exercises and directions.  (Courtesy of Helen Hays Hospital)

At Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC, our therapy team in Phoenix, Arizona will come to you, to your home or your assisted living home.  We have worked with many stroke patients in the Valley area.  Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC will provide a comprehensive assessment, provide you with goal setting and encouragement during our sessions.  What is your goal for your Physical Therapy?

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