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Have you ever had Physical Therapy?  Why would you need it?  What happens during the initial evaluation?  Here are your answers!

What should I expect during my physical therapy treatments?

Your first visit will include the initial evaluation and then a treatment. You will be instructed on therapeutic exercises, learn how to manage and care for your symptoms, receive manual therapy if necessary, and may be treated with some type of therapeutic modalities. (As well as given a specific home program, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, etc.)

What type of treatment will I receive?

Treatment is based on the initial evaluation findings along with ongoing reassessment and evaluation. Treatment may consist of a variety of hands-on joint and soft tissue treatment techniques, exercise techniques and pain reducing modalities. Treatments are designed to increase motion and strength, reduce pain, and most importantly, restore function. Patients are typically involved in an active exercise program at home and are educated in ways to speed recovery and prevent recurrence of the problem.

How can Physical Therapy help back pain?

Physical Therapy helps control back pain by reducing pain, controlling swelling and through therapeutic exercises. Patient education such as home exercises and lifting techniques also play a large role is assisting the patient in controlling low back pain.

How do I know that physical therapy can help me?

Physical therapy can help anyone who is suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, recovering from surgeries or other difficulties such as balance/walking problems, or neurological problems such as stroke and acquired brain injuries. Even people recovering from non-orthopedic surgeries (internal problems, cancer) can benefit from PT by regaining strength and endurance. The realm of physical therapy is huge and encompasses the whole body and its functioning.

Why should I go to physical therapy, can’t I get better on my own?

  1. Physical therapists are trained to identify the movement dysfunction and compensation changes related to your diagnosis.
  2. We rehabilitate an injury with the correct movement patterns in place of faulty habits.
  3. We educate you about what your injury does to your body and how to correct it
  4. We teach you how to prevent further injuries

At Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC our therapy team will come to you in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  We will do our initial assessment, provide you with therapy goals and a schedule of therapy visits.  We come to your home or where ever you call home.  Our goal is to help you ENGAGE IN LIFE AND ENGAGE IN WELLNESS.  Contact Kimberly Jacob at

Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC is a private pay Physical Therapy company, ask us how this will work for you.

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Kimberly Jacob, PT, CNDT, BCST

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