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As we continue discussing many aspects of Physical Therapy on this site, a question comes up frequently, adaptive equipment, what is it and how does it help?  To Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness, sometimes our clients need a bit of assistance. After you receive your therapy evaluation from Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, I may order different types of adaptive devises.  Let’s look at some and please ask questions…….

Playing games is fun and can help with socialization and your memory and give you something to look forward to.  If patients have a difficult time holding things something like this may help.  You can find something like this on Amazon.

Card Holder

Your therapist may recommend some type of cane:  You can find items like these at your local drug store or medical equipment company.


Some of our patients need assistance with meals, these are tools that may help:  

Find items like these adaptive eating tools online or at your local medical equipment store.

Do you love to garden and be outside in nature:  Adaptive gardening tools make life so much easier:

Adaptive gardening tools help you Engage in Life.    

These tools can assist you get outside and enjoy life.

A great pair of shoes is a wonderful investment and will help you in so many ways and prevent falls and keep you stable and on your feet.

Invest in supportive shoes.

In this blog today, I have discussed many ways to assist my clients to Engage In Life and Engage In Wellness and remain at home or wherever you may call home.

At Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC, located in Phoenix, Arizona, we will come to you to provide a full Physical Therapy Assessment.  Contact me at:

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