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So many people are asking about my training and background I wanted to give an update:

…The Woman Behind The Hands.

Kim’s relationship oriented physical therapy practice extends from 30 years of experience at Barrow Neurological Institute and a variety of home, school, and community based rehabilitation. As owner of “Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC”, she focuses on engaging clients in their own life. She prides herself in providing patient centered treatment and goal setting.

Kim is grounded and experienced in neurological rehabilitation through working with people who had suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, developmental disabilities, and other neurological acquired or traumatic injuries. Her current practice focuses on holistic healing by assisting her clients with movement toward ‘wholeness’ by engaging the body, mind, and spirit. Kim is readily available for private Biodynamic Craniosacral wellness sessions in her Phoenix office.

Phoenix Clinic Wellness Sessions

Close up head shot of Woman having curative facial massage. Therapist applying pressure with thumbs on forehead.

In her Phoenix Clinic, Kim provides traditional Physical Therapy evaluations and treatment addressing problems such as: posture issues, pain, decreased mobility and stress related physical challenges. Wellness sessions include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), and may include other modalities as needed such as: myofacial release, visceral manipulation, guided meditation, breath work, and aromatherapy. Kim is readily available for private wellness sessions in her Phoenix office. Clients that may benefit from Wellness sessions can include: • Anyone undergoing chronic or acute stress in their life. • Children with a variety of diagnosis including: ADHD, Autism, sensory processing disorder, high muscle tone from a neurological or developmental injury or delay. • People throughout the life span with pain. • Headaches, neck or back pain.

In-home physical therapy evaluation and treatment

A Licensed Physical Therapist will provide an evaluation and safety assessment in your home and design a personalized treatment plan together with you. Our team will assist with your physical needs through meaningful, functional activities by ENGAGING YOU In LIFE !

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