What to do After a Fall was obtained from the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine, both part of the National Institutes on Health.

Good Morning Readers, So many patients getting Physical Therapy are getting help after a fall.  I want to share this article from The National Institute on Aging: What To Do After A Fall When a caregiver (family member) witnesses a fall, proper and timely response is critical.  In fact, taking ..Continue Reading

Integrative Therapy and Wellness talks About Preventing Falls at Home

Hello Readers, Thank you for reading.  Preventing Falls at Home is a topic everyone can use some information about: if it’s for you or someone you love and care about. If you want to stay in your home as long as possible….. You do not want to risk a fall ..Continue Reading

Getting Well with Physical Therapy Brought to You By Integrative Therapy and Wellness

Good Morning All, Getting well and getting better and regaining your strength with Physical Therapy!!!!!  How do you do it? First:  In the Phoenix area call Kim Jacob at Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC  or email her at kim@integrativetherapywellness.com Second:  Get an assessment from a qualified Physical Therapist. Third:  Do ..Continue Reading

Engage in Life – How to Prevent Falls for Our Seniors

Good Morning, Today, Engage in Life is always the theme for Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC  https://integrativetherapywellness.com/  Part of our scope of business is  keeping our Seniors safe in their homes or where ever they call home.  Our topic today is Fall Prevention presented by the Mayo Clinic.   ..Continue Reading