What Happens to your Physical Therapy when you Reach your Medicare “Cap”

Good Morning, There are always so many questions regarding Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy with Medicare.  Here are some answers taken from the Medicare website: This article was updated on: 11/16/2016 One of the questions beneficiaries ask is whether Medicare covers physical therapy. You may have heard about the Medicare ..Continue Reading

Do you Know How and Why Physical Therapy Started?

Good Morning, I thought this was a great article to share from the APTA web page.  Do you know how and why Physical Therapy started?   Physical therapists formed their first professional association in 1921, called the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association. Led by President Mary McMillan, an executive committee ..Continue Reading

Today Engaging The Elderly During The Holiday Season – Engage in Life – Engage In Wellness

Good Morning and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, As always our theme for Interrogative Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC, is to Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness:  Today I wanted to address our elderly during this Holiday time.  It can be a stressful time but doesn’t need to be.  Activities ..Continue Reading

Engage in Life – Engage in Wellness, More about How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Aging Parent

Good Morning, More today about how Physical Therapy helps aging, wellness and health.  So, we can all Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness. The article I am sharing today is from http://www.parentgiving.com/ a great resource. Can Physical Therapy Help Your Aging Parent? You Bet! There are many benefits of physical therapy ..Continue Reading

Today I Address Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation by Lindsey Konkel

Good Morning Friends, Family and Clients, Today I want to address such an important topic impacting so many people:  Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation, article by Lindsey Konkel.   Stroke survivors can benefit enormously from therapy, though some disabilities may be permanent. Brain injury due to stroke can change the way ..Continue Reading

Engage in Life – How to Prevent Falls for Our Seniors

Good Morning, Today, Engage in Life is always the theme for Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC  https://integrativetherapywellness.com/  Part of our scope of business is  keeping our Seniors safe in their homes or where ever they call home.  Our topic today is Fall Prevention presented by the Mayo Clinic.   ..Continue Reading