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Thank you for reading.  Preventing Falls at Home is a topic everyone can use some information about: if it’s for you or someone you love and care about.

If you want to stay in your home as long as possible…..

You do not want to risk a fall or injury.  To maintain independence, it’s important to do a safety check!


Make sure all handrails are not broken and are securely fastened.

Floors and Rugs:

Make sure all floor boards are even and rugs, including area rugs, are secured to the floor with tacks, non skid pads or double sided tape.

Use non skid floor wax.


Be sure that you can move safely in bathroom areas.

Remove soap build up in tub or shower on a regular basis.

Place non skid strips in bath/shower.

Mount grab bars at the toilet, bath and shower on walls with secure reinforcements, to prevent the bars from coming loose.


Items that you use frequently, should be easy to reach.

If you have to use a step stool, DON’T.


Make sure all areas in your home are bright.

Place nightlights in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and stairways.

Install light switches at the top and bottom of all stairs.

All Areas:

Supportive shoes and comfortable clothes.

Check all areas for obstacles to safe movement.

Move newspapers, boxes and general clutter.

Be careful you don’t trip over the dog or cat.

All of these safety checks can help you stay at home in a risk free environment.  Do your safety check today.

Best Regards,

Kim Jacob, PT, CNDT, BCST





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