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In all of the series I have been writing and sharing we have been learning about aspects about Physical Therapy and the many different ways Physical Therapy can help clients Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness.  Thank you for reading and learning.

Today, as my business, Integrative Therapy and Wellness, is growing, I am asking for referrals in the Phoenix area.

Referrals are a great way to grow a business, any business.  A referral means, you know me, have worked with me before, trust me and understand the work I provide.

I am changing my thinking and the way I look at my business:

Imagine your business as an infinite web of relationships. Every one of your business contacts has the potential to connect you to dozens of other contacts. The relationships are out there, but they’ll likely remain out of reach unless you actively pursue them. It may never occur to your current contacts to broker an introduction. I am putting this idea out there for you.  Can you recommend me to an Adult Care Home in the Phoenix area?

Can you introduce me to an Adult Care Home Manager?  A Nursing Home Director?  A Retirement Center Director?  Can you introduce to me Nurses, Physical Therapist, OT’s, or anyone who has contact with people who could use my service?

Today, I thank all the people who have given me referrals in the past and looking a head thanking people for referrals in the future.

In order to Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness, our loved ones need the tools to make this happen as they age.  Physical Therapy helps our senior population in so many ways.  Integrative Therapy and Wellness, will provide a complete assessment, private therapy visits and goal setting with our clients.

So, as you are  out working, visiting patients, taking care of loved ones please think about Integrative Therapy and Wellness in Phoenix, Arizona.  You may contact me at for more information.

Thank you for Reading,

Kimberly Jacob, PT, CNDT, BCST

Integrative Therapy and Wellness shares Kim’s Passion

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