Integrative Therapy and Wellness is Asking for Patient Referrals in The Phoenix Area

Good Morning Readers, In all of the series I have been writing and sharing we have been learning about aspects about Physical Therapy and the many different ways Physical Therapy can help clients Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness.  Thank you for reading and learning. Today, as my business, ..Continue Reading

Integrative Therapy and Wellness Discusses Pain Management Utilizing Physical Therapy

Good Morning Readers, Pain Management is a huge topic in Physical Therapy, how it helps you and will it help you?  Here is a recent article from Time Magazine.   TIME Article: US Must Rethink Pain Treatment, Become ‘Insistent’ on Physical Therapy A recent opinion piece in TIME magazine says ..Continue Reading

How At Home Physical Therapy Can Help You

Good Morning, So many clients have asked how can At Home Physical Therapy help them? Here are your answers: Many therapies can be provided at home to speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Home based therapy allows individuals to develop independence ..Continue Reading

How Physical Therapy can Help Recovery after a Stroke

Good Morning Readers, Our topic today is how can Physical Therapy help after a stroke:  Here’s how! Stroke survivors can benefit enormously from therapy, though some disabilities may be permanent. Brain injury due to stroke can change the way you move, feel, think, or speak. The effects are greatest right ..Continue Reading

Getting Well with Physical Therapy Brought to You By Integrative Therapy and Wellness

Good Morning All, Getting well and getting better and regaining your strength with Physical Therapy!!!!!  How do you do it? First:  In the Phoenix area call Kim Jacob at Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC  or email her at Second:  Get an assessment from a qualified Physical Therapist. Third:  Do ..Continue Reading

New Trends in Physical Therapy – Get Moving and Engage in Life

Hello Readers, Today I am addressing new trends in Physical Therapy.  As the baby boomers are aging, the trend is Get Moving. New Trends in Physical Therapy By Kara Mayer Robinson WebMD Feature Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD When it comes to rehab from surgery or an injury, it’s a ..Continue Reading

Do You Know Someone Who Needs In home Physical Therapy in Phoenix?

Good Morning, Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC is currently accepting new patients in the Phoenix area,  Here’s how we can help your loved one Engage in Life and Engage in Wellness. At Integrative Therapy and Wellness, LLC we come to you; at your home, at your facility at your assisted ..Continue Reading

What Happens to your Physical Therapy when you Reach your Medicare “Cap”

Good Morning, There are always so many questions regarding Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy with Medicare.  Here are some answers taken from the Medicare website: This article was updated on: 11/16/2016 One of the questions beneficiaries ask is whether Medicare covers physical therapy. You may have heard about the Medicare ..Continue Reading

Do you Know How and Why Physical Therapy Started?

Good Morning, I thought this was a great article to share from the APTA web page.  Do you know how and why Physical Therapy started?   Physical therapists formed their first professional association in 1921, called the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association. Led by President Mary McMillan, an executive committee ..Continue Reading


Good Morning, Our topic today is using  Craniosacral Therapy With Fibromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety, Please comment of Facebook or this blog site.   This 2011 study looks at the effects of craniosacral therapy on fibromyalgia patients, showing that “at 6 months after a 25-week treatment period, patients in the intervention ..Continue Reading